Science and conservation for the world’s 2800 small mammal species


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Captive Breeding Strategy


As a first step, we have an MSc. student based at Imperial College London, who is doing some much needed initial research to inform our strategy. 

Lucy is examining data from Species360 (a global non-profit NGO aimed at facilitating the sharing of information on captive-bred species), using zoo data available for 2017 and the latest data from the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species reassessments, to look at what SMSG species are currently being held by zoos.

She has also designed a questionnaire for mammal staff aimed at finding out:

1) reasons behind current collections;

2) barriers that prevent collections being made more focused on SMSG threatened species; and

3) what support the SMSG could provide to encourage greater representation of SMSG threatened species in their zoo collections.









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Conferences & Meetings


Past attendance:

IUCN World Conservation Congress in Hawai’i, September 2016.

— Dr Tom Lacher, Dr Richard Young and Nikki Roach represented the SMSG.      






International Mammalogical Congress (IMC12) in Perth, Australia, July 2017.


— Dr Ros Kennerley and Dr Sam Turvey represented the SMSG.

They hosted a workshop entitled ‘Working towards developing an action plan for small mammals: priorities and future research directions for Australasia and insular Southeast Asia’.

Additionally, they both presented research on Caribbean SMSG species, as part of a separate symposium entitled ‘From the Pleistocene to the Anthropocene: fossils, genes and the future of Caribbean mammals’.


International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB) in Cartagena, Colombia, July 2017


— Dr Tom Lacher and Nikki Roach represented the SMSG.

They presented within a symposium entitled ‘The IUCN Red List as a Tool for Conservation Action in Latin America’.



IUCN SSC Conservation Planning Specialist Group annual meeting, Berlin, October 2017


— Dr Richard Young and Dr Ros Kennerley represented the SMSG at this meeting. 





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