Science and conservation for the world’s 2800 small mammal species

Mission & Objectives

SMSG Mission: 

Our mission is to serve as the “global authority on the world’s small mammals through developing a greater scientific understanding of their diversity, status and threats, and by promoting effective conservation action to secure their future”.


SMSG Objectives:

1. To strengthen the taxonomic and ecological knowledge-base for the small mammals and to identify their conservation status and needs through the IUCN Red List process. Knowledge


2. To equip scientists and conservationists with the skills, tools and knowledge they need to conduct field research on high priority small mammals, and to plan and deliver conservation actions. Capacity


3. To promote field conservation actions for the most threatened and evolutionary distinct small mammal species and in sites which support globally important assemblages of small mammals.  Conservation


4. To raise the profile of the small mammals in the conservation community to ensure they are appropriately represented in high-level conservation processes and strategies. Awareness


5. To develop responsible governance and effective coordination of the SMSG, supported by sustainable sources of finance, and to grow the SMSG leadership and membership to ensure it is geographically, thematically and taxonomically representative. Operational effectiveness