Science and conservation for the world’s 2800 small mammal species


The evolutionary history and diversity of the small mammals is jaw-dropping.  And yet, so much of this diversity – even at the species level – remains undiscovered. And the ecology of the documented small mammals is generally poorly known. The SMSG’s mission is to advance the world’s scientific understanding of the taxonomy, biogeography and ecology of the small mammals, and to identify their conservation status and needs through the IUCN Red List process.

One of the best ways of understanding and visualizing the richness of the known small mammals, and how species relate to one another, is using OneZoom.  Use the tool below to explore how the rodents, tree-shrews, shrews, hedgehogs, moles and solenodons feature on mammal tree of life (you will find shrews, moles and solenodons in the branch entitled ‘Carnivorans, bats, hedgehogs and more’).