Key Sites

The SMSG’s Key Sites are those places around the world that are the last remaining refuge of one or more Endangered or Critically Endangered small mammal species.  These sites have been identified by the Alliance for Zero Extinction initiative, a collaboration of 88 international biodiversity conservation organizations.  Across the world, there are 94 AZE sites which are the only known home of 110 species of small mammals. These sites are not spread evenly, with over one third of them found in Mexico and Indonesia alone, and many lack protection or are poorly managed.

We are currently recruiting SMSG Key Site Coordinators to gather information to better understand the status of these highly threatened species and identify the specific pressures they are under and what conservation actions are needed – and how best they can be delivered.

Explore the map above to find out more about the 110 small mammal species whose last refuge is often a mountain-top or a single small island and are at a severe risk of extinction.