Science and conservation for the world’s 2800 small mammal species
Dr Giovanni Amori, Red List Authority

Giovanni Amori is Senior Researcher of CNR (National Research Council) and the Red List Authority Focal Point of the IUCN SSC SMSG. He was previously Chair of the IUCN SSC “Rodent Specialist Group” (1994-2006) and from 2006-2011 the Red List Authority of Small Non-Volant Mammals. He has been President of Nature Conservation Commission of CNR (1994-2000), President of the Italian Mammal Society (1996-1998) and member of the Italian Scientific Authority of CITES  (2000-2006 and 2010-2012). The main research interest of Dr Amori concerns the conservation of small mammals, with special emphasis on genetics (phylogeny, genetic variability), ecology (population dynamics, habitat fragmentation, competition), biogeography (identification of priority conservation areas throughout mapping distribution ranges). Dr Amori is one of the editors of the book “Atlas of European Mammals” (Academic Press, London, 1999). He has published over 120 main papers mainly in International Journals and attended more than 60 international and national congresses where he has presented more than 150, both posters and oral communications.